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Our History

The Stephen B. VanDuzee Auxiliary was founded in 1929.  This group operated continuously until 1947.  At that time plans were underway for the new hospital and the administration felt that it would be detrimental to the fund drive for the Auxiliary to also be trying to raise money.  After much deliberation, it was decided to discontinue the auxiliary.  

In 1950 the hospital trustees asked that the final officers of the VanDuzee group meet and commence reorganization as Edward John Noble Hospital Auxiliary.  Concern was expressed by the auxiliary members involved that greater need would occur due to the larger size of the hospital.  It was noted that the largest amount of money raised in any one year from 1929 – 1947 had been $2300.  

On June 20, 1950, a meeting was held, and committees were appointed to get the new auxiliary operational.  On July 13, 1950, the day prior to the dedication of the new hospital, a new constitution (our current by-laws) was adopted, and new officers were installed.  They were as follows:

President Mrs. Joseph F. McAllister:  Vice-President Mrs. Norman Donald: Secretary Mrs. Mason Smith; and Treasurer Miss Pearl Orvis.

It is interesting to note that the sum of $65.79 was carried over from the books of the VanDuzee Auxiliary.

The new Auxilians worked very hard preparing for the dedication ceremony and sold refreshments and commemorative copies of the Tribune Press on that day.  On the day of the ceremony, 331 people joined the group – 300 women, 27 men and 4 life members.  

The hospital opened on August 8, 1950, the birthday of Edward John Nobel, the principal benefactor of the new facility.

In October of 1950 a major membership drive was held, recruiting an additional 580 members bringing the total to 911.  In addition to regular membership, the group also formed a Junior Auxiliary with its own officers and directors.  Group memberships were accepted of any clubs wishing to support the hospital.

Beginning on January 1, 2014, EJ Noble Hospital dissolved, and the facility became known as Gouverneur Hospital.  Thus, EJ Noble Hospital Auxiliary became known as Gouverneur Hospital Auxiliary.

The Auxiliary has undertaken many fundraising events and projects over the years for the hospital and former nursing home.  These included:  cash donations, equipment purchases, building renovations, sponsorship of a candy striper program, and in the early years, establishment of a patient aid fund to help needy families handle medical bills.  Purchases ranged from bibs for the nursery, stickers for child patients in the emergency room, to big ticket items such as a van for the nursing home and the laparoscopic cholecystectomy equipment for the operating room.  

In addition to direct help to the medical facility, the group also gave scholarships to students in medical related fields.